At Meg’s Kitchen we’re constantly innovating new vegan products for you to enjoy.

Meg’s Kitchen was founded in 2020 by owner Meg, with a view to providing affordable and tasty vegan treats and ‘meats’.

“I have worked in a variety of jobs but have always had the dream to work for myself. In my last job I was reading a book about how to start your own business in between taking calls, I was that desperate to do something I’m passionate about! Throughout 2020 I was working full time through the Covid 19 pandemic and decided a change was needed. In August 2020 Meg’s Kitchen was officially born, after 2 years of talking about it and many ideas!

My vegan journey began in 2017 when I met my boyfriend. He had adopted a more plant based diet due to being a body builder, and we naturally started eating similar meals. Given my boyfriends need to keep his protein levels up, I began experimenting with meat alternatives. I initially became vegan for ease and to be eating the same meals as my boyfriend but over time (and many documentaries) veganism became the obvious choice for my future.

Meg’s Kitchen began as a treat and dessert business but has since branched out to meat alternatives and ‘cheese’. I decided that the only way to share veganism is to show people how tasty vegan food can be.

Meg’s Kitchen as well as being a vegan business also uses as little plastic as possible to try and save the planet, one order at a time!”

In June 2021 Meg’s Kitchen opened a stall in The Central Market in Lincoln and is open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday selling a range of sweet treats and savoury items. Pop in and say Hi!

Meg x

These are the most fantastic vegan treats I have ever had!